Friday, April 17, 2009

Star Spangled and Fairly Tangled

Keeping with the times, we chewed mushrooms and discussed the philosophy of colour and shape and our perception of it. We then proceeded to laugh hysterically at our state of mind. We were truly off our kilter.

"It does work!" we exclaimed with joy.

We danced. Oh, how we danced. The music flowed through us like a river of faeces. And when it came out on the other side we were halfway through our come down. Overconsciousness can be a bitch. Not that it was heavy. It was anything but. We let it go. After all, it is all about the ebb and the flow.

The following day I was full of gas. I sat down on the toilet and let go. I entered into some heavy breathing exercieses, my muscles relaxing, and lose that undesired weight that was brewing in the depths of my intestinal track.

And now it is Monday. Grey. Quiet. And not too warm.

When will the sun shine, I wonder?

When will I bask in all its glory and be free of worry?

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