Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A New Season; A New Way of Suffering

Springtime is upon us. The days are getting longer, the trees are budding, the flowers are blossoming. The days are beautiful once again. But with this sudden beauty comes a price. All of us are not affected, but those of us who are pay dearly.

Hay fever; the unworthy penalty of the new season. And I suffer from it terribly. That mild sniffling, those few sneezes, they are not much to endure at first. But then they turn into unending stuffiness. You constantly sniff the snot back into your nasal cavity when lacking a tissue with which to do the proper job. You sniff so much that it gets to you. Your whole face aches, stuffed with mucus you wish you could get rid of but just can't. The dreaded sinus infection kicks in and the next thing you know, your throat starts aching and your chest grows heavy. You wheeze every time you breathe and you can't kick the illness.

Oh, what affliction; what suffering. But, as we know, it is the cross to bear in exchange for those first few warm days. Reflecting back on those first few days of warmth and sunshine of March and April, you remember the good times with friends, barbecuing in the park as the sun goes down, when the days are just barely warm, but the nights still require a jacket and scarf. It was worth the heavy heads and aching cheeks; the blocked nose and the itchy eyes. It was worth it because you knew it to be the start of something new. People say that Autumn is a time for starting over, but I say fuck that. With spring comes new vegetation and new opportunities; new fruits and new beginnings.

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