Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A journey without a soundtrack.

When one finds oneself on a long, lonely journey to a distant land, one can be found to be quite upset at the thought of having no music to listen to for that lengthy ride. With only one's thoughts to entertain one, one must be creative with their thought process.

Packed in amongst busy commuters, one can carefully observe their strange mannerisms and slight nuances. For instance, the way one man, who just might possibly resemble a barnyard animal of pinkish hue with a fat snout, nods off while listening to his overly obtuse Dutch pop tunes at top volume. How does he do it? Oh, how his mouth is agape. Why, one could easily pop a proffiterole in their quite easily, without even waking the ugly creature. How disgusting.

And how a young teenage girl, seventeen at most, applies her make up hastily, yet heavily, also with her mouth agape - resembling an inbred stepchild - before she settles down to concentrate on her studies that she neglected to finish the night before.

Yes, there are all sorts of characters one can entertain themselves on the train with, if one were so inclined to do so.

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